Cruising  ~ a unique way to explore

From tranquil French canals, to pristine Aegean coastlines, cruising in a small boat - barge or gulet, is a unique and indepth way to explore each region, with the added benefit of only having to unpack (and repack) once!

French Canal Barge cruising offers a special glimpse of France, at 4 miles an hour ......



The Aegean Sea

Experience the atmosphere and scenery of this stunning coastline & islands aboard your  private charter,
or scheduled cruise.

Cruise Europe's picturesque coastline and waterways aboard this small & luxurious ship, for a more intimate, in-depth & personal experience

The Mediterranean

Aboard this luxuriously graceful and historic sailing yacht, be immersed in ancient

times of maritime trade, and the thrill of 'tall ship' sailing.


"I really valued the knowledge you had in helping us make the right choices."

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